Trace Element Sensitivity with Minimal Sample Preparation

High-Speed Elemental X-ray Mapping even over Large Areas

Film Thickness Analysis

Expand your SEM Capabilities – Augment SEM EDS with micro-XRF Analysis 

Micro-X-ray Fluorescence (micro- XRF) spectroscopy is a non-destructive analytical technique that can be used alongside conventional Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) on a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). 

Micro-XRF on SEM, also known as SEM XRF, delivers the SEM with a range of new capabilities such as the ability to measure and map trace elements, the analysis of layered samples, and more.

Trace Element Detection

X-ray analysis is more sensitive towards trace elements, allowing their detection at concentrations down to as low as 10 ppm for certain elements, an extended X-ray spectral range (up to 40 keV), as well as information from a greater depth within the sample. 

Elemental Mapping with Small Spot Sizes

QUANTAX micro-XRF is equipped with XTrace 2, our latest X-ray source, including a micro-focusing X-ray optic that yields small spot sizes of down to 10 µm at a high-intensity throughput. 

Multilayer Sample Analysis

The larger depth of X-ray excitation allows for the characterization of multilayer samples from 1 nm up to 40 µm, which is not possible via electron beam excitation.

The Combined Power of Electron Beam and X-Ray Analysis

  • Achieve a more comprehensive analysis – Augmenting SEM EDS with micro-XRF provides users with dual beam potential, allowing samples to be even simulatineously analyzed using an electron beam and an X-ray beam. 
  • See more elements – Light elements (carbon to sodium) are excited via the electron beam, whereas heavier elements are excited via the X-ray beam.
  • One measurement for two spectra – EDS and micro-XRF acquisition take place in the same detector, incorporating light element spectral data as well as trace elements with higher energy X-ray data. 
  • Collect cleaner data – Well-separated peaks and an extended spectral range enable the seperation of high energy K- lines since they are less complex and less overlapped.
  • Save time – no or minimum sample preparation required without the need for a conductive sample surface and/or extensive polishing.


XTrace 2 – Advanced X-Ray Source for micro-XRF on SEM

XTrace 2 is the next-generation X-ray source in the QUANTAX micro-XRF system for micro-XRF on SEM (SEM XRF). This new and innovative X-ray source enables fast micro-XRF spectral acquisition with high-resolution data.

Advanced features, such as a FlexiSpot mode, an Aperture Management System, and motorized filter selection facilitate the collection of rich data from even challenging samples. 


  • Collect accurate elemental data quickly and efficiently with high-energy X-rays of 50 kV and beam currents of 1000 µA for a high count rate. 
  • Detection of trace elements at low ppm levels with automatic switching between 6 primary filters for enhanced background reduction. 
  • Scan topographic samples in high resolution using an Aperture Management System (AMS) that keeps the image in focus across a variable working distance.  
  • Analyze inhomogeneous and/or irregular samples using FlexiSpot mode, allowing spectral measurements from a small to a larger spot size.
  • Retract the X-ray optic when not needed by using a motorized linear stage with automatic source retraction (measuring and parking position).
  • Return to areas of interest on your sample by saving measurement positions for correlating micro-XRF / e-beam analysis. 
  • Maximize X-ray tube lifetime with by automatic X-ray tube warm-up procedure.
  • Control the analysis, select filters, and move the linear stage using the intuitive ESPRIT software

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