Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry for SEM

Outstanding Spectral Resolution

Enhanced Analytical Accuracy and Precision

Complement Your SEM with the Benefits of an Electron Probe Micro Analyzer

  • The QUANTAX WDS (WDX) for SEM consists of the XSense wavelength dispersive spectrometer yielding the best resolution among all parallel-beam WDS systems. The large solid angle, due to the parallel-beam design, results in a much higher signal intensity for low-energy X-rays compared to a Rowland-circle based WDS spectrometer.
  • The high signal-to-noise ratios that are characteristic for WDS are further enhanced by a unique secondary optic that suppresses background artefacts.
  • Equipped with the finest grazing incidence optic and up to six analyzer crystals, the QUANTAX WDS has a superior sensitivity for low energy X-rays from 70 eV upwards.
  • An ingenious automatic optic alignment system and a unique pressure-controlled proportional counter ensure accurate and reproducible results.
  • Flexible adaptation to either a WDS or EDS port.


a Perfect Solution for Demanding Analytical Applications

  • Resolve common EDS peak overlaps such as Ta-W-Si, Pb-S, or Mo-S 
  • Explore low-energy X-ray line series (L, M, N) for the elements of interest
  • Examine samples with low acceleration voltages to ensure a minimal depth of penetration 
  • Obtain the highest cps/nA due to the high solid angle that enables light elements investigation from Be to F across the entire concentration range
  • Determine trace element concentrations far below the limits of detection of an EDS
  • Measure at low vacuum without the necessity of a conductive coating 
  • Save time on analytical measurements with a unique pressure-controlled proportional counter
  • Ensure spatial accuracy of the spectral data for precise quantification
  • Save acquisition time with simultaneous WDS and EDS analysis that incorporates the benefits of each detector in the combined quantification